Monday, May 7, 2012

Whether to Weather

We headed North this past weekend to my Dad's beautiful cottage - the weather was wonderful! I usually occupy myself during this drive with some knitting (socks make for a portable project). This time, however, my eyes were glued out the window - what was I looking for? BARNS - old, falling down, beautifully weathered barns. Do I want to buy a barn? Well, no. But do I want to buy a beautiful old beam or two, along with a few fantastic planks? YES! What do I want to use this barn board for, you may ask? Well, I am not exactly sure yet, but I do know that I am in love with all of its sheer potential - just look at all of its character, at all of its texture, and at its sense of history - it is as if each piece of old weathered wood has its very own story to tell.
Look at that rich patina! 

I love how the texture of the wood contrasts so nicely with the painted brick. 

I have seen this kind of "z" door installed in lots of urban lofts lately - the juxtaposition of "old with new" is really inspiring! 

Even when painted, you can still see the richness and the character of the wood. And doesn't it look amazing with the other elements in the room?


Again, I love the contrast here between old and new. A somewhat "industrial" feel in this space with the steel and chrome elements, as well as with the sconces. But, add in a wall of paneled barn board and a slate floor, and you add a nice hit of rustic charm.


Ooh! Love this space! Look at how the back wall creates an instant textural focal point for the room and, how it acts as a great backdrop for collected art.


The natural colour palette, when paired with this gorgeous barn board headboard, works to create an organic, almost "beachy" feel.

If you think that committing to an entire wall or ceiling made of barn board might be too much, this great DIY project might just be what you're after. How cool is this mirror?


Well, that's it for me today. Hope everyone has a great evening!

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