Saturday, May 12, 2012

Let's put the "B" back in BANQUETTE

First, can i just say that I love the word, "banquette?" It sounds cozy, kind of sophisticated, and super retro, all at the same time! It may remind you of the "albeit sticky, but still super cool" vinyl seats we sat on in ice cream parlours when we were kids; or it may conjure images of some plush, tufted, high-backed velvet seating found in an old John Travolta movie; for me, it reminds me of the eating area at my Dad's old cottage - a place to play board games, eat delicious meals, and spend time together as a family.

Well, it looks like the retro banquette has made a recent return to the "it" list - they are occupying a prevalent place in many newly re-designed kitchens, family rooms, and yes, perhaps even in an upcoming John Travolta movie. What I love about them in particular, is they seem to be a perfect blend of both form and function - they look great (who wouldn't jump at the chance to add more fabulous textiles in the form of cushions and accent pillows?) and they serve a purpose (way more bottoms can squeeze in a banquette than chairs can fit around a table).

Not that I need to do any more convincing (the above mental imagery should do the trick - ha!), I would like to share some of my favourite recent pics of banquettes. Another plus, you will see that a banquette can translate seamlessly into any design aesthetic - from traditional to formal and from country to contemporary. Are you sold yet? I totally am - I just need to figure out where to put one first.....

Cafe au lait and the newspaper, anyone? 

I love how the upholstered back of the banquette becomes the focal point in this space. Love the drama! 

Bright and sunny, with a little retro vibe! 

Perhaps a cup of tea, the crossword puzzle, and a homemade scone would do the trick here? 

If adding a banquette was the secret to keeping boys sitting quietly at the table, I would have added one a long time ago!


Minimalist, yet stunning!


Quite traditional, but I love the custom millwork. 

Gray, yellow, and just plain inviting! 

Loads of beautiful pillows? Yes, please!


Happy Mother's Day everyone! I hope you all have a relaxing, indulgent day. 

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