Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The STRIPE - an unsung hero


I have always been a big fan of the stripe. Crisp, kind of preppy, not afraid to make a statement, and linear  (much like my brain - the linear part; definitely NOT the crisp part!). I also love their versatility - quiet and serene in one space, bold and graphic in another, and sophisticated and elegant somewhere else. Depending on their orientation, stripes have the ability to lead the eye (vertical stripes typically add visual height to a ceiling or window, while horizontal stripes visually elongate a space). Take a look at some of these inspiration shots to see if you agree:

A variation on a classic ticking pattern, this wallpaper's vertical lines draw the eye up and also provide the perfect contrast (in both scale and shape) to the gorgeous mosaic floor. 

 Whereas in this powder room, horizontal stripes in varying widths and colours provide a playful backdrop for this youthful, organic space. 

In this image, look at how the horizontal stripes (strategically placed on an accent wall) create a strong focal point and provide a great directional contrast against the vertical bed posts. 

This children's' bedroom employs its stripes to create a sense of continuity, a slight touch of whimsy, and a sense of familiarity through repetition (variations of the stripe motif are used in several different applications in this room). 

Historically, stripes were run vertically on drapery panels to create the illusion of height. This new trend of running wide stripes horizontally is super sophisticated and elegant. 

I had to share another example of a wide, horizontal stripe. I just love the drama and impact created by the contrasting black and cream - I am sure that this window vignette creates a gorgeous focal point in that room. 

And, as discussed earlier, stripes can be used to soften a space and to create a quiet, neutral retreat - here, repetition of both colour and pattern solidify the ambience. 

Stripes can even be created in a walk-in shower! This is typically done for two reasons. 1) it creates instant visual impact and 2) it is cost-effective given that small mosaic tile is pricy; therefore using it sparingly in strips gives you a high-end look, on a smaller budget. 

Stripes also look amazing on upholstery. In this transitional kitchen, these striped chairs serve three purposes: 1) soften the space against all of the hard lines of the cabinetry and island. 2) using the same fabric on every chair creates a sense of cohesiveness. 3) incorporating a matching or coordinating colour on fabric is a great way to unify the other elements in the room. 

Finally, I just had to share this image because I LOVE IT! It makes me happy - the striped, slipcovered banquette, when paired with a contemporary grouping of plates and a killer light fixture, just says "wow!" 

So, are you are stripe kind of gal (or guy)? From simple and sophisticated, to graphic and gorgeous, I think there's a stripe out there for everyone! 
Have a great evening, everyone! 

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