Friday, May 4, 2012

Colour Me Happy

I have been working with a friend, Denise, on her upcoming kitchen reno/redesign. It is going to be STUNNING! We have spent the last few weeks selecting cabinet profiles, backsplash (swoon!), counter tops, etc...The overall style we are going for is "transitional" - many contemporary features (sleek Caesarstone counter tops, chrome pendants and hardware), mixed with some traditional elements (crown molding, shaker cabinets). Now for the backsplash - it falls beautifully into both categories - traditional because it is an Italian Calacutta marble, and contemporary, because it is in a random brick pattern.

Another important consideration is the overall mood or feeling that we'd like the space to convey. Denise says, "happy, inviting, and fresh." This is where I see pulling in some fabulous colours and geometric patterns in her window treatments and chair cushions, and in the accent pieces we select. An easy place to start the selection process is by looking at fabric swatches.

Here is colour palette A:

And here is Colour Palette B:

All of the fabric swatches from both option A and from option B can be found at: Tonic Living

Denise and I see the virtues of both palettes and have some tough decision making to do! Which palette do you like better? Perhaps you will have more of an opinion once you view many of the components for the new kitchen all laid out together. Here is the inspiration board for Denise's kitchen:

This inspiration board was created using Oliobaord. 

So, what do you think? Does it appear "happy, inviting, and fresh?" Is it a "transitional" blend of both contemporary and traditional elements?

Stay tuned over the next while where I will be updating you with pictures of this exciting reno - start to finish!

Have a great weekend, everyone!

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