Wednesday, May 2, 2012


Have I mentioned before that I LOVE fabric? I mean, it is a bit of an addiction. I think I may have a problem. I seem to collect fabric swatches like my son collects comic books. Back when I was an avid quilter, it wasn't really an issue. Now that I am doing design work, it is also not an issue (hooray!). However, the several year gap in between? Well, maybe we better not talk about that...

So, what's not to love? Fabric adds instant texture and depth; it has the ability to unify an entire space; it is a fabulous way to add little "pops" of colour to an otherwise neutral palette; it comes in an endless array of colours, patterns, and textures. And, regardless of style, preference, or aesthetic, there is a fabric out there for everyone! This season, I am especially in love with anything in a trellis pattern. Here are just a few of the swatches that have caught my eye recently:


Yum, right? Isn't there something here for every palette, style, and budget? And, what is also interesting to note, is that it is not just textile designers who have been bitten by the "trellis bug." Here are some of my favourite applications of this "traditional with a contemporary twist" pattern: 

I love this shade of Kelly Green! Classic. 

This pattern provides a great contrast against the horizontal tongue and groove paneling. 

Wow! I love the idea of wallpapering the back of a bookcase or armoire! 

This just makes me happy. 

A more traditional setting, yet equally fabulous. 

I wish my home office looked like this! 


I hope everyone has a great evening. 

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