Monday, October 1, 2012

the "well-attired" vignette


Ever wonder what to place on your empty hall table? Wanted to know how to complete the lonely stack of books sitting beside your bed? Pondered where the "just right spot" is for your treasured collection of vintage ornaments? You are not alone. :) I would wager that most of us, at one time or another, have questioned how to put the finishing touch on a space. Just as one would complement the "little black dress," a table, shelf, or sideboard requires similar accessorizing.


While there are no hard and fast rules, taking some of the following tried and true tips into consideration can definitely come in handy.

  • If showcasing a collection of items, try to integrate something unusual or unexpected into the grouping
  • Try accessorizing around a season or theme 
  • Remember that the eye likes odd numbers (sets of 3's or 5's typically work well) 
  • If working with a mostly neutral palette, try adding a playful pop of colour into the mix 
  • Varying heights, shapes, and textures add visual interest 
  • When in doubt, add something organic (flowers, branches, moss, logs, etc.) 
  • Repetition of colour and shape is soothing and a great way to lead the eye 


at some of these beautiful inspiration shots (and bookmark your favourites for future reference!) You will see that, regardless of style sense, colour palette, budget, or location, creating a vignette is a simple and satisfying way to inject a little bit of "you" into your home. 

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Happy accessorizing! 
xo Kerry 

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  1. How timely ;) Definately some new favs in there...I'm on it!