Thursday, October 18, 2012

wonderful, whimsical, wintery, WHITE


It has been awhile. What a busy month! I have missed my blog and have had the idea for this particular post in my head for ages....Now, if only there were a few more hours in each day.

In stark contrast to the rich, vibrant, beautiful colours of autumn, white seeks the opportunity to share the spotlight. Cool, serene, yet equally as dramatic, white has the ability to serve as a neutral backdrop for virtually any other colour; and, as seen in several of these gorgeous images, has enough depth, character, and substance to stand all on its own.

A beautiful coffered ceiling and a classic shaker profile on the cabinetry adds pleasing linear interest. 

An eclectic mix of styles, textures, and wood tones creates a casually elegant conversation area. 

Whitewashed floors, walls, and ceilings set an amazing stage for rustic beams and an iconic wishbone chair. 

Shabby chic and white are a match made in heaven. Notice the "door turned shutter?" What a neat idea! 

What is even better than multiple shades of white? Multiple shades of CREAM and white! I love the subtlety of the contrasts here - and I especially love that table lamp. 

Small hits of black, in addition to a wonderful "play" with shape (squares and circles coexist and balance each other very well here), make this a warm and inviting space. 

All of these images are making me want to paint some walls, slipcover a sofa, change a lampshade, or upholster a chair. All in white, of course! :) 


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