Wednesday, July 25, 2012


You say tomato, I say tomato.

Some call it a window seat, I call it a "book nook."

Why the differentiation, you may ask? Well, first, I love BOOKS - the sight of books, the feel of books, the discussion of get the picture. So, therefore, the thought of an entire space in my home dedicated just to the pursuit of reading a book? AMAZING! And second, I love rhyming words (I think this dates back to my early career as a kindergarten teacher). Regardless of the reasons, however, I have to admit to a little crush on all of the following inspiration shots. As you are scrolling through, I invite you to visualize yourself (or someone you cherish), curled up in any of these TO DIE FOR spaces with a cozy blanket, a beverage of choice, and a well-loved copy of a favourite book.

Natural sunlight, when paired with tufted leather and a whimsical roman blind, create a warm, comfy vibe in this sophisticated nursery. 

Vintage shutters and reclaimed barn board, mixed with velvet, linen, and a cashmere throw? Be still, my beating heart! 

I love this colour palette for a children's playroom! How sweet - and how organized! 

A long, narrow hallway such as this could potentially look dark and gloomy. Not in this case, however.  White, on everything from the drapes and pillows to the slipcovers and paint, creates an airy feeling in this light-filled space. 

Additional storage built-in to this window seat provides function (as well as GREAT form!)

"Halfway up" is a wonderful spot to consider a window seat if your layout allows it. 

There is something so soothing and restful about an all-white room. Probably my most favourite of all of these images, I imagine digging into a great work of historical fiction and whiling away the day. 

I admire a lot about this image - the dark-stained floors, the substantial newel posts, but most of all, I adore the elevated space on the landing. That would be the most highly-coveted space in our home, guaranteed! 

Have a good day! 
xo Kerry 

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