Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The humble dining chair...REINVENTED

Hi everyone,

A few weeks ago, my friend Denise and I dropped off her dining room chairs for a "little" makeover. And when I say little, I really mean "big!" The existing chairs were, in want of a better term, tired. And dated. In fact, you can see for yourself what they looked like before their visit to the furniture spa.


As you can see, the arched detail on the back is very pretty, as is the overall scale of the chair. It is a well-made piece; it was just in need of some TLC. And, while the entire antique dining room set is both beautiful and valuable, we were finding it a little on the heavy side (all wood in the same dark stain). So, we decided to have the chairs professionally sprayed to both "lighten and brighten." Then, we had the seats re-upholstered with a gorgeous black and cream damask. The result? STUNNING.

Well, why don't you be the judge?


I will be sure to add some photos of the entire room once it all gets put back together. 


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