Monday, April 28, 2014

six things i'm loving right now...


Happy Spring!!! 

It has been awhile. Things have been busy around here, and, as usual, the first thing to get neglected is my poor, little blog. Better that, than my children, I suppose! 

As usual, there has been no shortage of inspiring images, pretty new products, informative blogs, and stunning shop windows to capture my attention over the last few weeks. People are so creative, and so, so talented! 

Here are just a few of the products/fresh ideas/trends that I am crushing on this season: 

Terrariums are not exactly a "new" trend, but one that seems to keep growing in 
popularity as more and more people recognize the health benefits of houseplants. I seriously need to get over my phobia - an infestation of spider mites on an English Ivy YEARS AGO has kept my home a relatively "houseplant free" zone ever since - but I think that I am ready to try again. Wish me luck! 


The new Sarah Richardson for Kravet line of fabrics is classic and elegant, 
yet relaxed and inviting, at the same time. So very pretty! 

Round penny tiles have come full circle! LOL. Originating back in the early 1900's, 
"penny rounds" (as they are also called) are popping up everywhere - in a multitude 
of applications, materials, and even colours. 


Aahh...the cozy outdoor space has always held a strong appeal in the hearts of
many - and I think it is looking extra good after the winter we just had!


The colour coral is HOT, HOT, HOT this season! I'm seeing it paired
with its traditional partner, gray, as well as with lots of turquoise, crisp white,
and even a buttery yellow!


My interest in original watercolour prints has been consistently growing over the
last couple of years. I love this Etsy artist's work using her favourite local plant life as subjects.

Wow! Six things already? And none of them even include items of food or beverages! LOL.

What things have captured your interest lately? Any "must-have" items on your wish list? I'd love to hear from you, so please feel free to post a comment.


Kerry xo


  1. Love everything in this list, especially Sarah's fabric and the coral. I need to add both of those somewhere in my house!

    1. Thanks SO much Jen! I appreciate the comment and I LOVE your blog!!! :) I am soon to install a faux roman for a friend/client in one of Sarah's fabrics and I can't wait to post a pic of the reveal!