Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Oh Susani!


As I'm sure I've mentioned before (more than once!), I am always inspired by beautiful patterns, rich colours, and inviting textures. One of the reasons I love fabric so much is that it offers all THREE - pattern, colour, and texture. And, add in a sense of history, a dash of tradition, and a hint of vintage charm, and you have one of my favourite prints - Susani.

Originating in Central Asia (think Uzbekistan or Kazakhstan) and dating back to the 15th Century, the word "Susani" is Persian for "needle." Traditionally made of cotton and involving complex embroidery using silk ribbon, many modern "takes" on this historic print (or collection of prints) are currently in production by many of the world's top fabric producers. Mostly characterized by large-scale floral motifs, Susani prints can also depict birds and fish, as well as fruit, the sun, and the moon.

Last year, a client and I selected this gorgeous Susani print for her family room drapes. The warm, earthy tones are reminiscent of fragrant saffron, juicy pomegranate, and plump eggplant.

This fabric, entitled "Silsila" in "Curry," is available through Tonic Living

The selection of the fabric above probably marked the beginning of my crush on this playful print. 

Want to see more? 

What a striking occasional chair  when upholstered in this large-scale print! Bold and graphic, it also seems to say, "Come in; sit down; I've got a story to tell." 

Or, imagine the sensation of crawling into this warm and inviting bed  at the end of a long day. What a wonderful array of textures and tones (like dulce de leche or a caramel macchiato). 

In recent years, traditional colours and methodologies have evolved to create this contemporary version of a bold Susani print. I love this  playful, whimsical variation - how fresh and fun!!!

Indigo, cream, and sunflower yellow - it doesn't get much prettier than this. This gorgeous Susani fabric  is from designer Robert Kime.

Now, while bold patterns don't intimidate me personally, I can completely appreciate the fact that they do overwhelm many of my clients sensibilities. If the thought of drapes or furniture adorned in this gorgeous print is simply too much of a good thing, how about a more subtle application; in the form of a pillow, a pretty plate, or even a lamp shade?

And, finally, because in my world there is never such thing as too many pillows (although other members of my immediate family would vehemently disagree with me), here is one more visual that I just couldn't resist sharing.

Have a wonderful day everyone!

xo Kerry

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