Monday, April 15, 2013

mirror, mirror, on the wall.....


How is everyone?

Lately, I seem to have been sourcing a whole lot of mirrors for various clients. Did you know that I ADORE mirrors? Well, I do. I am kind of obsessed. And while I am not typically a fan of looking IN a mirror, I am a huge fan of looking AT a mirror. :)

What I love is the inherent ability of a mirror(s) to do the following:

  • visually open up a space 
  • mimic the look of, or reflect the light from, a window 
  • replace or enhance artwork 
  • create a focal point 
  • add drama and elegance 
  • display a collection 
  • define a space 

And here are some gorgeous images of rooms featuring mirrors: 

Perfectly spherical mirrors are somewhat "unexpected" - a forward and fresh evolution of the more traditional rectangle or oval.  

Here, repetition of shape (notice how the quatrefoil motif can also be found on the upholstered headboard, bedskirt, and bolster?) is both pleasing and restful to the eye. 

Notice how the natural light from a nearby window is reflected in this gorgeous antiqued mirror? 

Placing a group of identical mirrors closely together in a grid pattern like this, defines a space and replicates the look of a large piece of artwork. 

Variety of shape, size, finish, and style creates a "shabby chic" look that would 
well-suit a cottage or a country retreat. 

The somewhat "unplanned" placement of this starburst collection provides visual relief from some of the more traditional and linear elements in the space. 

Symmetry, repetition, and an abundance of natural light contribute to the success of these mirrors'  placement.  

So, what do you think? Which image is the fairest of them all? 

Until next time, 



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