Saturday, August 25, 2012

who knew?

That BLUE was such a popular shade for nightstands, dressers, and vanities? How, in my year long search for new bedside tables, did I miss this trending item? I am going to compare it to one of those experiences we all have with new words. You know, a word resonates with you for the first time, (you have probably heard it a hundred times before, but never paid attention) and then, all of a sudden, everywhere you go for the next month, you hear that word.

So, much like a new word, blue chests, tables, and dressers have been popping up everywhere lately - in a wide variety of styles, shades, and sizes. And in so many unique and stunning applications.

Here are just a few that have recently caught my eye:

I love this vintage piece that was custom sprayed for a teen girls' room. And check out its dainty features. 

Something I've been seeing a lot lately is "ombre" - a piece featuring a graduated tone or colour. I adore this DIY dresser in a shabby chic space. 

Swoon! I love this shade of Peacock blue (and the bamboo detailing is gorgeous!) 

I love the crisp white of the walls, headboard, floor, and linens against this perfect pop of turquoise! What a fabulous piece! 

This vintage piece is perfect against the bead board wainscotting, slipcovered chairs, and wide-plank hardwood floors. 

This dresser serves double duty as a bed side table when placed between twin beds. 

How cute is this? I am not sure of the original purpose of this adorable tiered table, but I love how it adds both function and a playful touch to this charming bedroom. 

And last, but definitely not least, I had to share this vintage dry sink in a delightful shade of Robin's Egg blue. The off-white and pale yellow accents really allow the piece to command the visual attention it deserves. 

It is always such fun to spot a new trend! I hope you enjoyed these pics. They have certainly been food for thought in my ongoing search for the perfect bedside tables. Wish me luck! 


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