Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Teal is Tried and True

It is no secret that I LOVE the colour teal - in fact, my grade 12 prom dress was a ridiculous crinolined teal number with dyed shoes to match - and I loved it! Fairly safe to say, this deep and opulent colour fell out of fashion for a while - I am sure that my ensemble didn't help matters any - but recent sightings have deemed it once again worthy of a front and center place in our wardrobes and in our homes.

Also referred to as blue-green, dark aquamarine, cyan, and even peacock, this complex colour is as versatile as it is bold - and it seems to complement so many other colours! Here are some of my favourite uses:
I love this tufted "City Chic" sofa by Old Hickory Tannery and it can be found here at Horchow.

Check out this great space - the future palette of my office??? Yum! I love the grouping of vases on the top shelf, and, how cute is that lattice patterned stool? I found this inspiration on Pinterest.

This is more of a traditional fabric, but it would look stunning in a slightly formal dining room, either on upholstered chair pads or on drapery panels. This fabric is from Tonic Living right here in Toronto.

And I don't even have to look back at photos of that 1989 prom dress, I KNOW that this dress from Ruche is MUCH more chic!

And teal grasscloth wallpaper? Are you kidding me? LOVE! I love grasscloth in ANY colour, but in teal? Fabulous!

What I love the most about the above picture is how the majority of the room reads more or less "neutral." Yet, adding in some subtle teal accents  is enough to take this room from good to GREAT!

And finally, teal glass backsplash tiles - how gorgeous are these? Shiny and reflective, just like a deep swimming pool.

Oops - I lied. I couldn't quite stop there. Here is a wallpaper that I absolutely adore from York Wallcoverings. Oh, how I would love to wallpaper my dining room in this paper!

Do you share my affinity for this colour? If so, tell me what you love!
Have a great evening!

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