Friday, April 27, 2012

Decisions, Decisions

A few months ago, a good friend of mine (also named Carrie) called to tell me that she was looking to redesign/redecorate her sunken family room and would I help? Now you have to understand, I was still a new student at that time and had never tackled a project that big (other than in my own home) or that detailed before. After my initial hesitation was over (based on a very REAL feeling of unreadiness), I jumped in with two feet and haven't looked back since. I have learned so much, and it has been a very rewarding project - not to mention fun!

At the top of Carrie's wish list (understandable given the fact that she has THREE teenage boys) was storage (for media equipment, games, books, etc.) I wanted to get a feel for the look she was after, so I showed her the following pictures of built-in cabinetry:

We thought this one was interesting, especially given that the back of the shelving has been painted in a darker colour. Hmmm...1

This one was also cool - ample storage, but maybe a little too contemporary for her overall aesthetic? 2

This one boasts clean, simple lines and minimal detail. Lovely, but again, a little too modern. 3

Wow! What a gorgeous space! We loved many elements of this design - we can feel that a decision is right around the corner. 4

And, finally, we have a winner! This image "spoke" to both of us and we put the design plan in motion. 5  

We loved the clean lines, the flat shaker profile on the cabinets, the antique bronze hardware, and just the warmth - doesn't it look inviting? I would love to pick a book from one of those shelves and curl up in a cozy chair beside it to read.

I will be back soon to share further details with you about this project.

Have a great weekend!

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