Tuesday, September 2, 2014

bubbles and blush!

(or, in other words, champagne gold and pale pink) 

Long before I was a "blue" girl, I was a "pink" girl. If asked my favourite colour, I would instantly answer "pink." To this day, Sarah Bernhardt peonies are my favourite flower, and given a rainbow of options to choose from at the bakery, I always choose the pink macaron

Recently, I began thinking about a colour palette for my home office (currently just a desk in my unfinished basement - but an upcoming reno will see it transform into a space I can call my own). As I was searching through images on Etsy (a favourite pastime, I must confess), I found this pretty art print and fell in love with this girly and glamorous, yet uniquely understated colour combination. 

Yes, I am talking about pink and gold. 

And, the more I looked, the more I was convinced that this dynamic duo had lots to offer the world. 

Whether as pretty nail art

Or as a delicious looking dessert.

I love the feminine qualities of this pairing, as well as their subtlety. Youthful and restful, they look adorable in a nursery,

or as the pleasing palette at a bridal or baby shower.

And then we enter the vast world of interior decorating and design. A place with limitless possibilities for colour combinations - and I love so many of them!!! But again, I keep coming back to this pairing.

So in love with these toss cushions that I found on Pinterest!!!

Is it the sophistication I am after? The femininity (after all, I am the only female in my house)? Or is it possible that, being a very practical person (and being married to an even more practical man), I like the idea of having a slightly indulgent, different-than-anything-I've-ever-had-before kind of room?

If you know me and have the answer the the above question, please feel free to fill me in!!! :)

Here are some other decor images featuring my latest fav combo: 

Do you know what is EXTRA fabulous about this pretty image? The pictured shelves
 are courtesy of an IKEA hack! Just amazing what can be done with a can of spray paint. 

I love the Art Deco vibe in this image - especially the geometric wallpaper.

Today must be the day for featuring IKEA hacks - this trestle desk has had
gold leaf added to amp up the wow factor!

OOH! Lovely display here of framed art prints (can't get enough), apothecary jars, and other assorted treasures. 

So, there's my favourite colour combination (of the moment!) - it really does change all the time. And, while I don't know that I'll commit to this palette for my home office, I may just try out the pretty manicure pictured above.

Have a great day everyone!

Kerry xo

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