Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Pantone 2014 colour of the year - RADIANT ORCHID


On this absolutely FREEZING cold day, I wanted to share some images of a colour that reminds me of spring. Pantone recently named "Radiant Orchid" the 2014 colour of the year. They feel that it "blooms with a confidence and magical warmth that intrigues the eye and sparks the imagination. It is a colour that emanates great joy, love, and health."


Now, while I am not typically a huge fan of purple, a couple of my good friends are, and, at this dreary time of the year, ANY colour that stirs up thoughts of fresh cut flowers, open-toed shoes, or even Easter jelly beans, is DEFINITELY a good thing.

Here are some images of this pretty purple that caught my eye: 

This bright and airy space is delightfully feminine. 

I love the neutrality of this space - and then, a hint of the unexpected - a bright pop of colour in a gorgeous abstract piece on the wall. There are great contrasting textures in this room! 

What a pretty palette! It makes me want to put an orchid in every room of my home. 

I am just about to have a purple damask wallpaper installed on a client's living room wall. And while it is not as bold as this one, I think it is going to look amazing! 

Can't commit to such a bright hue on your wall? Not a problem - a vase of beautiful allium 
serves as a much safer alternative. 

Stay warm, my friends! 


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