Monday, October 7, 2013

the beauty of BIRCH


The other day, I was scrolling through images and comments on a blog that I follow, and I saw the following comment:

 "I am SO done with seeing birch logs everywhere! Why don't we find something new to obsess over!"

I have to admit, at first I thought, "hmm...there certainly has been a prevalence of these beauties featured in decor (tablescapes, outdoor planters, indoor planters, fireplaces, etc.) over the last few years. Maybe there is some merit to this comment."

But then, I got to thinking...

  • birch logs are a gorgeous and iconic representation of our landscape here in Southern Ontario. 
  • they provide instant texture, height, and visual interest to many DIY projects. 
  • much of the time, they can be sourced naturally from branches that have been blown down in windstorms. 
  • they last forever. 
  • I think they are pretty. 

And then I got to looking...

How gorgeous are these potted succulents? 

I am sure that a variety of hardwoods were used in the making of this particular wreath, but, you get the idea. :) 

Swoon! I am in love with the neutral palette and these woven/knit baskets.

And look, birch tree wallpaper! How's that for a more contemporary look? 

And more gorgeous wallpaper...

And here, a more traditional application, but beautiful just the same. 

And finally, I came to this conclusion...

Some things are trends and will come and go, but others, like birch (in any format), have staying power and will never go out of style. Well, in my humble opinion, anyway. 

Bye for now, 


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  1. What a beautiful post!
    I LOVE you know ;)