Thursday, June 20, 2013

the week in pictures


This week has been plentiful in terms of the images I have seen and that have subsequently "spoken" to me - images that invite a smile; images that are mesmerizing in their pure, unadulterated beauty; images that inspire me in my daily quest for new ideas.

Here are a few of my favourite images that I've stumbled upon this past week:

1. In my opinion, there is nothing quite as beautiful as a bunch of hand-cut peonies. I love their foliage, and the bubblegum pink shade of this Sarah Bernhardt variety. This bouquet would brighten anyone's day; I'd bet on it.

2. Taking a quick look through Etsy the other day, I stumbled upon this Montreal photographer's shop and I fell in LOVE! I love this soft and quiet palette and think these photos (custom sizes are available) would look stunning in a nursery, beach house, or even my "one day" home design studio. 

3. Something about the dappled sunlight, colouring, and unique perspective of this Queen's Anne Lace photo speaks to me on a quiet, peaceful level. Available in different sizes and with a choice of framing options, this piece from Pottery Barn is a summer day personified. 

4. One of my favourite blogs, Centsational Girl, posted a great article about the appeal and versatility of slipcovers. Personally, I've always been on the fence about them, but this well-written article (accompanied by gorgeous images), may just have nudged me in the slipcovered direction...

5. Be still, my beating heart. I found this mirror (remember my obsession with mirrors?) at Anthropologie, and I think I am in love. The honeycomb shape, when paired with the silver/gold frame, would look stunning in a dressing room, or sophisticated in a lounge. 

How did you see your week in pictures? What inspirational things have caught your eye recently? I'd love to hear from you! 

Until next time, have a wonderful weekend everyone! 

xo Kerry 

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  1. Kerry, what a beautiful post! I loved EVERYTHING in it!!!